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Ecuador, the real hell of vegetarians


    Before I began for Ecuador, I used to be warned by online reviews that this meat-obsessed country was hell for vegetarians, including vegans. On one hand, I wanted to heed the warning, but on the opposite, i used to be unwilling to compromise my love for offbeat traveling for my dietary principles. As I ready to spend every week in an obscure village home to the indigenous Quechua people, I wondered what quite a vegan hell awaited me.

    My Quechua host family believe to be alive with spirits to the stunning raptors that dominate their skies. Equally surreal were the various meals we shared. Much to my surprise, our home-cooked meals consisted of soups made from quinoa, oatmeal, split pea, and choclo (a sort of corn), and straightforward dishes made with calabaza (a cousin of the pumpkin), jicama, sweet potatoes, and exotic vegetables I’d never seen before. Most of the ingredients used made a brief journey to the kitchen—from their family garden or the seasonal market during a nearby town and none of the dishes had to be customized to cater to my vegan requirements. I learned that the Quechua diet was traditionally vegan and filled with superfoods and paired with pure mountain air, water and lifestyle contributed to a number of the world’s longest lifespans, studied by many researchers. it had been only during the Spanish colonization that dairy and meat were introduced to the local cuisine. seems vegan food isn't a modern-day hipster trend, after all!

   Today, when my friends inquire from me about the vegan hell I faced in Ecuador, I chuckle aloud. If homegrown quinoa and chamomile tea sound like mad, I sure hope I finish up there!.

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