Recents in Beach

Discover the beauty of jade.

  While Hokitika is known as the 
jade capital of the West Coast, there are a few jade studios among Greymouth and Franz Josef. 

  Your social involvement in this valuable stone can be as easygoing as a visit to a studio, taking a free jade visit where you can see carvers at work, or structuring and cutting your own jade accessory to bring home with you. 

   Consistently you can join a free guided visit through our jade cutting workshop in Hokitika. While investigating the workshop, you'll see nearby specialists changing a crude stone into cut craftsmanship and find a wide range of stages in the jade cutting procedure. Pounamu is the conventional Māori name for greenstone or New Zealand jade, and it is profoundly cherished for its quality, magnificence, and association with the otherworldly world. 

   We'll take you on an excursion into the conventional uses and estimations of pounamu while revealing the antiquated legends and stories which revive the stone.

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